Fund meets Market

MBMs offers professional support in product-management, marketing and is one of the third-party marketer pioneers in the German-speaking markets.

For investors: selecting investment strategies based on demand

MBMs enjoys access to a range of well-established boutique asset managers across all relevant asset classes.

MBMs connects its detailed understanding what institutional and semi-institutional investors are looking for with a clear view on traditional and alternative investment strategies. This leads to a disciplined selection of successful asset management firms and funds which offer a value-added component for the German-speaking markets.

Based on a due diligence process MBMs takes on new asset managers with the stipulation to avoid conflicts of interest, build long-term relationships and support the funds during all performance cycles.

For asset managers: on-target consulting

From two different places (Luxembourg, Frankfurt area) and with moderate start-up costs MBMs provides immediate access to key distribution channels in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and German-speaking Switzerland, directly with fund buyers and fund analysts.

The long standing relationships with fund buyers make the MBMs effort efficient: MBMs matches product offering with specific product demand from fund buyers who pursue different asset allocation strategies and manage portfolios with very different objectives.

MBMs’ asset manager selection reflects a diversification across all relevant asset classes, in terms of geography and sector as well as investment styles and processes.


We offer consulting services on
• Product Development and Fund Structures
• Product Management
• Market Entry and Distribution Consulting
• Distribution Infrastructure
• Regulations and Reporting
• Client Service
• Visibility
• Marketing
• Public Relations